Walking maps of the Amalfi Coast

buy the best hiking maps of the Amalfi coast, walking map of the Path of the Gods.

In collaboration with the local publishing house specializing in creating highly detailed tourist maps of the Amalfi Coast, the trail maps of Lattari, Capri, Sorrento, Sorrentine Peninsula, Agerola and Monte Faito:

Six maps, scale 1: 10,000. | Here you can order and buy and receive a set of maps of the necklace Carte&Guide.

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we offer you technical support to choose and decide which map is right for you to visit the Amalfi coast by hiking. 

Do not hesitate to contact us before buying a map and we will help you in the choice, we are first of all cartographers and tour guides and so we can help you in the best way.

About Us

Cartotrekking Team

walking/hiking guides & cartographer

Cartotrekking was born in the 2011, with a dream to build a team of Walking guides, all along hiking lovers and mountain experts, we are English and Spanish speakers. We know and live these places since forever, we guided tourists along the paths of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula in the last four years. Cartotrekking works with tour operators specialized in active holidays, for weekly groups, and the best internationalagencies of tourism services. Our team has deep knowledge of the area, composed by experts in ecology and forest botany. The Cartotrekkingteam is also involved in territorial promotion through the analysis of regional studies and the creation of cartography and thematic maps.


We are locatede in Agerola, a small mountain hamelt above the Amalfi Coast, where the best and most beautiful hiking trails in the area begin.

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